[WHMCS] Setting up MaxMind

MaxMind is a great system which prevents fraudulent orders from passing through in your order form. The best part is, as an EzpzHosting customer you are entitled to a free MaxMind fraud account including 1000 free transactions per month. Step 1: Creating your free MaxMind account Log in your EZPZHosting client area Navigate to: Services […]

Guide: Installing BFD (Brute Force Detection)

BFD is a shell script which parses security logs and detects authentication failures. It is a brute force implementation without much complexity, and it works in conjunction with a APF (Advanced Policy-based Firewall). ## Get the latest source and untar. # cd /usr/src/utils # wget http://rfxnetworks.com/downloads/bfd-current.tar.gz # tar xfz bfd-current.tar.gz # cd bfd-* # ./install.sh […]

How to install APF Firewall

What is APF (Advanced Policy Firewall)? APF Firewall APF is a policy based iptables firewall system designed for ease of use and configuration. It employs a subset of features to satisfy the veteran Linux user and the novice alike. Packaged in tar.gz format and RPM formats, make APF ideal for deployment in many server environments […]