Identify Website Speed Issues with X-Ray

When your website slows to a crawl it is usually an issue with a poorly optimized plugin or the content management system being used. Tracking down such a problem can take hours, or in some cases, days.

You could go through the code, checking every file and disabling plugins one at a time to find the culprit but this could result in downtime and still not solve the issue.

Luckily there’s an easier way! PHP X-Ray lets you diagnose performance issues in CMS apps such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla without causing any downtime.
Performance problems can stem from several areas — poorly optimized plugins, external calls to slow APIs, spikes in website traffic, slow database queries and more. X-Ray allows you to create a trace report against your website to show exactly where the issue is in a matter of seconds.

X-Ray in cPanel
X-Ray in DirectAdmin

How it Works:

  1. Login to your control panel (cPanel or DirectAdmin)
  2. Click the X-Ray App icon
  3. Click the “Start tracing” button
  4. Enter your domain name in the field provided, enter “/” as a mask and click “Run”
  5. Visit your website and browse around. For instance visiting different pages, submitting a form etc.
  6. Return to the tracing dashboard to view the report. The slowest requests are shown at the top of the page.
  7. View the Details page to get more information about the issue. For example if a WordPress plugin is using excessive resources you’ll see it on this page.

From here you can disable the plugin or investigate it further before revisiting the site to see the performance improvement.

This whole process takes only a few minutes and provides all the information you need to track and resolve performance issues, saving you hours of frustrating debugging.

Best of all PHP X-Ray is included free in all of our cPanel and DirectAdmin hosting packages!