[WHMCS] Setting up MaxMind

MaxMind is a great system which prevents fraudulent orders from passing through in your order form. The best part is, as an EzpzHosting customer you are entitled to a free MaxMind fraud account including 1000 free transactions per month.

Step 1: Creating your free MaxMind account

  1. Log in your EZPZHosting client area
  2. Navigate to: Services -> Reseller Tools
  3. Scroll down until you find “Free MaxMind miniFraud Account” & click “Sign up Now
  4. On the MaxMind website you are directed to, click “Apply for a free account” then fill in the form and you should have your MaxMind account within a couple hours
  5. Once you have these log in details, log in your MaxMind account
  6. From the left sidebar click “My License Key” and copy your license key for later usage in WHMCS

Step 2: Integrating MaxMind with WHMCS

  1. By default WHMCS includes a MaxMind module so first log in your WHMCS admin area
  2. Navigate to Setup -> Fraud Protection
  3. From the drop down menu select “MaxMind” and click “Go
  4. Complete the form as follows:
    Enable: Tick this box to enable MaxMind
    MaxMind License Key: Paste in your license key you copied from your MaxMind account
    Reject Free Email Service: Tick this if you want to reject emails from free email companies such as Gmail, Hotmail
    Reject Country Mismatch: I recommend you tick this box. It will reject orders where the IP address has a large distance from the registered address
    Reject: Anonymous Proxy: I recommend you tick this box. It will detect and reject users who are registering via a proxy. Proxy orders are most of the time fraudulent.
    Reject from High Risk Country: I recommend you tick this box, it allows you to manually review & approve orders from high risk countries
    MaxMind Fraud Risk Score: At Ezpz we have this set to 5, you can set it where you like in this region just be careful, to high you go to more legitimate clients you’ll be blocking and the lower you go the more fraudulent orders you’ll be accepting.
    Use New Risk Score: Tick this box
    Perform Telephone Verification: I recommend you tick this box, we do at EzpzHosting and it works very well.
    Telephone Fraud Score: At EzpzHosting we have this at 2.5, we recommend this region also for the telephone verification.
  5. Click “Save Changes

You should now be set with fraud protection in place. Remember to still monitor your sales for fraudulent orders being accepted as well as legit orders being rejected, you should then be adjusting your MaxMind numbers to ensure you get the right balance.

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