[WHMCS] Additional Security Measures

It is important to keep your WHMCS installation as locked down as possible to prevent intrusions and hacking attempts. Below is an article explaining attentional highly recommended security steps within WHMCS. Step 1: Changing your WHMCS admin directory WHMCS is a very popular and well known software so it is likely that if someone was […]

[WHMCS] Setting up MaxMind

MaxMind is a great system which prevents fraudulent orders from passing through in your order form. The best part is, as an EzpzHosting customer you are entitled to a free MaxMind fraud account including 1000 free transactions per month. Step 1: Creating your free MaxMind account Log in your EZPZHosting client area Navigate to: Services […]

Upgrading WHMCS

WHMCS is the heart of many hosting companies, it is the billing and support manager and it is the software that essentially automates their business. Yet even with a critical security exploit being released less than one week back there are so many installations using outdated, vulnerable versions. So, what is the best way to […]