What is SpamExperts?

One of the great hassles of online business today is unwanted e-mail, otherwise known as spam. Millions of bulk, unsolicited e-mails are sent everyday, decreasing employee productivity and hampering online businesses.

The majority of online hosting companies provide subtle spam blocking capabilities, such as cPanel’s own built-in SpamAssassin. However, for a lot of online presences this is simply not enough — unsolicited e-mail still pours in and gives very few options to tweak the settings.

To combat this, EZPZ Hosting has invested in a highly available, fully redundant enterprise spam filtering technology known as SpamExperts. Generally used as enterprise grade spam protection for large enterprises, we’ve invested in this technology in a redundant configuration to ensure that premium spam filtering is online at all times — free of charge on all shared and reseller packages.

Key Benefits

  • Blocks Spam, Virus, Phishing and Malware emails
  • Clustered servers ensure 100% uptime
  • 99.98% detection rate with a 0.0001% false positive rate
  • View and release quarantined email from within cPanel.
  • Free on all shared and reseller accounts. Available on VPS and Dedicated servers for a small fee.

Other Features

  • Log search. Any e-mails filtered by SpamExperts can easily be identified and tracked at a later date by using the log search function with over 6 searchable fields including date range, sender, user, recipient, Sender IP and sender hostname. Partial matches can be included as well.
  • Spam quarantine. A lot of times, businesses are hesitant to use spam protection because they’re worried about losing important e-mail. This is understandable and certainly a legitimate concern. SpamExperts has an easily switchable Quarantine that can be toggled by day, or searching. No nightmares of losing precious e-mail due to spam protection.
  • Whitelisting and blacklisting. We all have those entities that we wish to always receive e-mail from, and oppositely, never receive e-mail from – these are both easily enabled and added via Whitelisting and blacklisting in the SpamExperts panel.
  • Spam graphing. It is nice to be able to see just how effective your spam filtering solution is. And with SpamExperts, that is no problem. SpamExperts provides an easy to use graph to display the last 7 days of e-mail — including spam, non-spam and viruses.
  • Spam reporting. In case of a missed spam e-mail, you can easily alert this to SpamExperts via a convenient spam reporting option. SpamExperts have even developed e-mail client add-ons for several popular e-mail clients (Outlook, Thunderbird) for this purpose.

As you can see here, SpamExperts can be a vital component in fighting spam and saving your business precious time and frustration. For resellers, you are able to offer this highly available service to all of your clients for the same price as it costs you – completely free, or as a paid addon service.