End User Support: How it works

We get a lot of tickets asking how our end user support works and how it’s better than the competition so thought we’d cover it in a blog post.

What is end user support?

End user support is available on all reseller accounts and means we take care of the sales, support and billing tickets submitted through your website. This means you can focus on growing your business and leave the tickets to us.

Our staff have years of experience and admin access to the servers meaning your clients tickets will be resolved faster without the need to escalate the issue to us.

How does it work?

Each reseller account comes with a free WHMCS license which is used to provide support to your customers. Once you’ve installed WHMCS you need to install our custom module which is as simple as uploading a few files using FTP.

This module is exclusive to EZPZ Hosting and works like no other end user support system. It’s very easy to setup and is completely invisible to your customers, unlike other hosts who redirect your clients to their own central helpdesk or require lengthy and complicated setups.

In the same download a the module you’ll find a document containing a few common questions, for example “What are your nameservers?”, “What is your refund policy” etc. The answers to these questions can be updated at any time and will be used to provide personalised support to your customers.

Once we have received the completed document you’re provided with an API key that you’d enter within the WHMCS admin area which completes the setup.

What happens now?

If one of your customers or a visitor to your website submits a ticket it will be copied to us. We then reply as if we work for your company using the name and signature you specify. Our reply is sent back to your WHMCS installation so you can view the response and an email is sent to your customer.

If we’re not able to handle a ticket we’ll add a note explaining why and escalate the ticket to you. These are normally billing related tickets where access to your merchant account would be required.

Is it white label?

Completely. Other hosts will make your helpdesk divert to another URL or their central helpdesk. Our solution means your customer never leaves your website and all communication is handled through your own helpdesk. Your customers never see the EZPZ Hosting name, domain or our IPs so it can’t be traced back to us.

Can I choose the departments you handle?

Yes. We can handle your sales, billing and support but if, for example, you’d like to handle sales yourself you can disable end user support for that department.


Using our end user support means you can focus on marketing and growing your business while our experienced engineers take care of your customers. Our exclusive system means your customers will never see our name, never leave your website and all replies look as though they come from your company. You can also view the tickets and our responses through your WHMCS installation.

End user support is free with all feature packed reseller hosting packages.