SpamExperts Clustered Anti-Spam Solution Launched!

suffolk, England (January 20, 2011)—EZPZ Hosting announced today it has deployed the SpamExperts Incoming Mail Filter to on all shared and reseller hosting accounts, automatically providing customers with enterprise-grade spam protection at no additional charge to them.

The hardware-based solution offers one of the industry’s most robust protections against spam, relying on public and internal anti-spam data sources to provide optimal protection. The Incoming Email Security Firewall combines more than 50 different filtering mechanisms that are continuously updated and configured to assure spam filtering is accurate and effective.

“For many of our customers, spam email creates more than just a nuisance—it also causes significant losses in productivity and can expose end users to a myriad of security threats, ranging from viruses to sophisticated phishing attacks. Unfortunately, the problem is not getting better, as many industry leaders had hoped,” said Daniel Knights, director of EZPZ Hosting. “By investing in this enterprise-grade, next-generation anti-spam technology for all of our shared and reseller hosting customers, we can deliver a tangible value-add that separates us from our competitors.”

According to SpamExperts, filtering is divided into two stages. Stage 1, the SMTP-stage, analyzes the behavior and reputation of the sending server. Around 95% of all spam can already be detected at this stage. In stage 2, the content-stage, the actual content of the message is checked and the remaining 5% of spam messages are detected. Together, a spam-score probability is calculated and based on this customizable score, messages will be accepted, rejected, or quarantined.

Last year, EZPZ Hosting introduced the industry’s first module to automate business management for reseller hosting customers, by enabling resellers to automatically provision and manage all new sub-reseller accounts through a single application. It was developed internally by EZPZ Hosting and provides an interface between WHMCS, a client management and billing system for hosting businesses, and WHMPHP, a master reseller hosting control panel.

In 2008, EZPZ Hosting received the Planet Positive certification. As part of the process, EZPZ Hosting measured the carbon footprint of its business, made a commitment to reduce it on an annual basis, and offset it by 110% into verified carbon projects.

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