Beta Testers Wanted – Are you good at breaking things?

When we roll out a new feature we will always perform lengthy internal testing on development servers before they're put into production. With things like new backup systems or a new auto-installer this works well, however some things call for real world testing, and this is where we need your help.

As part of the testing we will give you a free basic reseller account to do whatever you like with for the duration of the test. Your challenge is to use up as much resources as you can, run CPU intensive scripts and try to bring the server to its knees, code a script that'll create thousands of files for hours a day or just run your WordPress blog.

Everything you see will be exactly the same as one of our regular servers, however the underlying operating system will be completely different. Each website effectively runs in it's own virtual environment, meaning if one website is consuming a massive amount of resources no other websites would be affected. That's what we're hoping anyway!

There are a few requirements:

  • You must have an active service at EZPZ Hosting
  • You must have a good understanding of hosting and how to fully utilize your account
  • You must be willing to test the system to its limits
  • You understand that this test is on a development server so isn't recommended for production websites
  • You understand we will take no backups of this server
  • You understand that the server may be terminated at any time
  • You must be willing to submit feedback on the system
  • You must be really good at breaking things

If you're up to the challenge, submit a ticket and we will consider your application. As a reward everyone that tests this and submits feedback will get £20 account credit.