Shared Plans Upgraded!

Our customer survey has helped highlight some areas of our service that need improvement and we’ve already begun to make changes starting with our shared packages.

A lot of comments were regarding our bandwidth quotas. Our packages were originally set with our old hardware and network in mind meaning the quotas were not overly generous. We’ve now raised the bandwidth on all shared plans and the disk space on our Junior plan.

Our Junior package used to include 1GB diskspace and 10GB bandwidth, it now includes 3GB disk space and 30GB monthly bandwidth. The Senior package now includes 100GB bandwidth instead of 50GB and the Master package now includes a whopping 200GB monthly bandwidth.

All existing customers should now be on the new plans, if you see any discrepancies within cPanel, please submit a ticket and we will take a look.

We’ll be making other changes based on your feedback in the coming weeks so if you’ve not yet completed the customer survey, please consider doing so to help us serve you better.