Now Utilizing R1Soft Continuous Backups!

EZPZ Hosting is pleased to announce our newest feature, Continuous Backups from R1Soft.

This new backup system provides a whole range of new features and
advantages compared to our old system. The most exciting feature with
this solution is the ability for you to login to the backup server
itself and view or restore your own files from 56 snapshots taken over
a two week period.
Here are some of the key features –

  • Backups taken four times a day.
  • All backups are kept for 14 days, meaning 56 restore points.
  • Included on all of our shared and reseller packages free of charge.
  • Backups are stored offsite away from our network.
  • Ability to access your backups and browse or restore individual files or folders with just a few clicks.
  • Bare-metal recovery allows us to restore complete servers in record time.

More details regarding this service can be found here.