Backups, Backups, Backups!

Keeping backups of all data is extremely important. In the event of complete server failure its always possible that our local backups could be destroyed.

With this in mind, EZPZ Hosting takes great care in making sure that backups are up to date and are sent to remote locations.

All our servers are RAID enabled, this means that your data is mirrored across two or more hard drives, if one fails your site can carry on as normal while a new drive is installed.
However, we also send our backups off to two remote locations.

Here’s a little more information…

1) At 1am (GMT) every morning a copy of your website files is transferred to our backup servers in New York and France. This copy is not compressed or edited. This backup is completed in around half an hour.

2) At 3am (GMT) every morning we take an “All-Account” backup. This means all accounts along with control panel settings, email messages, databases, website files and private documents are compressed into one file and zipped over to the same servers in New York and France.

3) Every hour, on the hour, we create a MySQL dump of each individual database we hold. They are all kept totally seperate from each other to make the restore process much easier.

4) At 1:30am (GMT) All database backups are sent to New York and France.

Other Features –
– We hold all backups for a minimum of 7 days on the local server and both remote servers.
– All backups are transferred over an encrypted, secure connection so you can be sure nobody gets hold of your data.
– 24 / 7 Access to all backups by system administrators.

Of course, we make every effort in keeping client data safe, however this does not mean that you should not keep your own backups. The only time we would not have copied of your data is in the extremely unlikely event of three servers failing at once.